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reACT! Against Corporate Tobacco

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Mission & Vision

  • Mission: reACT is Montana’s teen-led movement taking action to become the first-ever tobacco-free generation. We are Active, Dedicated, and Empowered!

  • Vision:

    • We are actively working to create a tobacco-free generation!

    • We are dedicated to leading a tobacco-free life!

    • We are empowered to stand up against the Tobacco Industry, which targets our generation!

What Does ReACT Do?

  • We stand up. Speak out. And reACT to the lies and manipulation from Big Tobacco and the Vaping Industry. They target us, so we target them.

  • We do this through many different activities for all Montana teens to engage in. See the list below.

    • Annual ReACT Summer Summit

    • ReACT Executive Council

    • Days of Action at a state, county, local levels

    • Mini-Grant Projects

    • Tobacco-free Pledge

    • Tobacco-free Rodeo Series

    • National Youth Panels

    • National Youth Collaboration Sessions

    • Vape Prevention Campaigns


How Can You Participate?

  • Individual ReACTor: A student participating in reACT activities as an individual with the support of an adult advisor.

  • ReACT Coalitions: Minimum of two students participating in reACT activities as a group with the support of an adult supervisor.

  • Youth Prevention Programs: Other youth programs working on health prevention with an interest in tobacco can participate in reACT activities & events with the support of an adult advisor.

Social Media Handles

  • Website Address:

  • Instagram Page: @mtreact

  • YouTube Chanel: mtreact - YouTube








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